TEXT TOPIC: Are you giving someone the silent treatment?

My boss, I put him in his place now won’t talk to me.

We are not talking to our best friend. We have been saving money to go on a cruise together. So we found 1 and they backed out. Wet found out they are going with some new friends instead. wtf

A long time friend regularly wants to go to lunch, but I always make up excuses because I don t want to hear his latest frustrations with the LDS church. He recently left the church and wants me to do the same. Good guy, I feel bad, but I’m not having that.

I am giving my sister the silent treatment because I m in the middle of adopting her daughter.

We haven t talked to sil due to her ruining sons bday dinner claiming her mom treats my son(step) better than hers.

Giving MIL silent treatment. She openly picks apart how I interact w/ hubs.

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