TEXT TOPIC: Do you say something to a co-worker that messes with your desk?

She already has enemies at work; they re displaying that by continuing to draw on her photos. She should tell her boss so something happens.. If she doesn’t tell she shouldn’t expect anything to change.

Buy a fake mustache and only wear it around this individual. Saying I know it was you. That person will feel guilty

If people are already messing with your photos, then you have enemies at work. Tell your boss.

I would talk to the person directly as an adult... leave emotion out of it. Be direct and let them know they crossed a boundary and leave it at that. If it happens again then go to your manager

Yes tell the boss! You already have an enemy and obvi they are immature. #stopthebullying

Talk to coworker directly, if you feel comfortable enough to. If that doesn t resolve it, go to boss

It sounds like she already has enemies in the workplace she absolutely should tell the boss and make it stop

Don't tell. Talk to the person that did it and let them know your feelings. But telling could make it worse

If she doesn't want to tell the boss she needs to at least confront the person. It sounds like they have issues with her that need addressing.

If they were dumb enough to draw on her picture twice, I'd totally tell the boss

Handle it like an adult. Talk to the person. Don't tell. What if the person gets fired? You could affect them and their family over a picture

The boss should pull them in a morning mtg, give her a sharpie and let her draw a mustache on the jerk for them to wear all day

It sounds like the other person already doesn't like her so she might as well tell the boss. That kind of behavior out of an adult shouldn't be tolerated

Everyone needs to lighten up. She should show up with a fake mustache!

Sounds like free lunch fridays. I would let the individual know that I know they did it. I would save the ammo until a time came that it would be useful. Revenge is best served cold

If she knows why doesn't she try & deal with it personally with them first. Don't turn them in if they stop if not anonymously turn them in.

Sounds like a pretty lighthearted prank. She should put a Band-Aid on her feels and go find something different to be offended by today.

I say turn them into the boss. They made the choice to do that so they need to accept responsibility for their actions. Of they''re allowed to get away with it they will continue to be that way.

Confront them either directly or indirectly and tell them it snot cool and if they do it again you will have their A$$.

Haven''t you ever had a brother or sister? They are doing it because they know it bugs her... If she does nothing and leave it alone it will eventually go away

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