TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that you don't want to come to e

my sister in law. She complains about EVERYTHING from the presents to the food. She is never happy and ruins it for others

my cousin. He lost everyone’s money in investments, we’re talking millions, and somehow he is still living large! Even his dad who is nearly 80 years old is having to work, but my cousin is basically retired

we never want want cousins wife to come to events. She s like a black cloud of negativity and always seems mad. Not to mention they always like fight before they come over so then they re both mad

Not wanted. Probably me. I can''t stand my SIL. She owes me money and acts like they’re so broke. But when she comes in with something new, I ask if I can get the money she owes me. She claims they’re broke. I’m a little vocal about how hard it is to pay people back and make it right.

mother in law. Only gathering we want her at is her own funeral

My uncle's wife. She is always the victim and goes out of her way to be rude to all of us.

my cousin, Aunt and uncle! They all have so much drama and they think the world owes them everything ugh

My sibling she always has to 1 up everybody we don''t wanna go to her house we don''t want her to come to our houses if you tell a story she tells 1 better and Lord do not bring out a picture unless you''re willing to sit and go through her entire photo array and hear all about people you have no clue who they are

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