TEXT TOPIC: Why aren't you talking to your best friend?

I don t talk to my bestie of 8 years anymore because she married my ex husband.

I don t talk to my best friend anymore, she was not there for me when my daughter was born and needed open heart surgery.

stopped talking with BFF because she s been sleeping with a married man for 6 years. She lost HER marriage due to her husband cheating hmm? Character?

my former BFF of over 20years thinks I had something to do with a guy not wanting to date her. We’ve had convos to clear things up but it has never become the same and I m tired of trying. :(

I no longer talk to my best friend because she didn t have time for me after a brutal divorce. A year after the divorce she asked to borrow my 401k for her failing business, she also asked for a three some... shady friend.

my bff of 17 years and I don't tlk coz she ditched me to hang with her cheating ex and she didn't like that I didn't like him. I still miss her.

Girls trip planned to texas. My bff lives in Washington and ended up flying there before my other friend and i could. The afternoon we were flying out, we heard about the hurricane heading for Houston. We decided not to go and she decided to stay, even though we offered to pay her way home. She’s mad we didn’t go and we haven’t talked since

broke up with my bff cuz she was a controlling jealous negative lying snake She d do anything to make herself look better I couldn’t do it anymore

had a bff in hs that lived with my fam after her mom kicked her out bc she didn t get along with her moms bf. We don t talk anymore bc she became a super shitty friend and got in to drugs and stealing.

she didn t say anything to me when I announced I was pregnant. I knew she knew bc her mom congratulated me and told me that her daughter told her.

I had a best friend in highschool. We were really close till one day he sent my husband and I a snapchat of his Weiner. We no longer speak to each other

she backed out of being my maid of honor because if her feelings towards another girl I am friends with and it caused a fight. Now we aren't speaking.

my fmr bff stopped talking to me in favor of a 34y/o loser that still lives with mommy, hope he can provide for her with no job

I stopped talking to my bff of 13 yrs because she dated a really toxic guy that always caused problems between us. I had to end things for my well being. They re no longer together so we re slowly reconnecting.

my ex best friend tried to sleep with my boyfriend and was talking crap that he could do better than me. #cutlist

my bff blamed me for getting pg she pushed me away then replaced me and when I called her out we fought & we never talked again. I miss her.

I am not talking to my best friend because she owes me over $1000! I was the nice one helping her out and she decided to not pay back or talk to me. Guess she got my donation! She has said stuff to mutual friends knowing she owes money!

My best friend accused me of liking his Girlfriend

I don t talk to my bestie anymore b/c she was jealous that I was getting to a different stage of life than her.

I don''t talk to my best friend anymore because she used my credit to buy things and then tried to lie about it, even after I heard the phone calls of her trying to be me.

we got drunk and slept together so we don t talk anymore

set up good friend and neighbor. She got pregnant. Dumped my neighbor. Unfriended me when I said the baby looked just like the dad on FB. No 1 no's the dad

no longer talk to my bestie because she sent me the wrong text talking shit on me

I wasn’t supportive at first when my bff got engaged fast to a boy she hadn’t wanted to date. She stopped talking to me after that

my best friend was a teacher and slept with a student. She told me everything but lied to police and asked me to lie and pretend like I didn’t t know anything so I could be a character witness. I couldn’t do it. We don t talk anymore

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