TEXT TOPIC: Does your parent act like your friend?

my mom is 20 years+ me. She confided in me and only me w/ her affair. i was only 19 at time which has ruined my relationship w/her.

I was 14-15. Found out my dad had an affair from my mom and she wanted me to tell my siblings.

29 yo my mom has used me as a best friend since I was 10. Definitely strained my relationship with my dad.

I’m guilty of friending my son. I’m 38, He’s 17 and its been just the 2 of us for almost his whole life. I close myself off to other people. I don’t talk about his dad so much, it’s more about my mom and sister, they are just mean people.

I''m 26, my mom always would tell me about the problems her and my dad were having. It started when I was in high school and now I’m married and tell her she needs to be nicer to my dad and needs counseling. Because I can’t take it anymore.

I m 28 parents divorced 10 years ago mom use to tell me about everything that went on plus all the guys she was meeting/ dating finally told her I m not her friend I don t want to hear it

my in-laws are the worst at talking about each other. My father in law treats my mother in law like crap all the time like emotiononally abusive and then come and complains to my wife about everything. I get so pissed off I can’t even be around him any more. We are there for Christmas this year #SOS.

I m 19 and my mom does this. It was just me and my mom for most of our lives, so we re very close. I don t think she knows how to quit.

my mother tells me everything now that I'm an adult! I hate it! Sex life, how rude my dad is to her...I think differently about him now and I hate it.

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