TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a shrine in your house?

Mom has a shrine table 4 my older bro. Academic accolades, athletic accolades, multiple pics of him. Makes it seem like he’s dead or an only child

Mother-in-law has a shrine of her daughters two kids. Favorite child and favorite grandchildren and all the other kids and grandchildren know it.

Its my mom, it''s a work in progress for my brother, her only son who passed away 6 months ago at age 51 after 36 years of several different health issues (cancer three times, heart and lung failure). Everything she finds that reminds her of him is on display in the living room of her house.

my mominlaw brought all of my hubbys baby stuff and put a shrine up in my kitchen while I was gone

My bedroom is a shrine to Bewitched of course. I painted the walls to look like the opening of the show and I have all my collectibles displayed

Have a shrine in my house to my two dogs who died within 2 months of each other.

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