TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a humble upbringing?

my childhood consisted of 7 ppl in a 3bed apartment in Philly. My husband is horrified by my stories but I wouldn't trade it for his snobby family

Humble upbringings. Had our water shut off when I was a kid, had to buy my own clothes for school. I thank Jesus everyday for my life now. My kids have never known that fear.

Grew up on the Navajo Reservation, 7 kids in a single room house, no running water, parents worked minimum wage

parents came from Mexico. They had to share a womens coat

Lived a year with my family in a 1 br apartment, no furniture, slept on air mattresses, then moved to a warehouse for a month.

Humble upbringing- I grew up on welfare and hand-me-downs in roach infested rentals. Now I’m successful and making $85k a year

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