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I work for a very popular local credit union. As employees we are not allowed to network or post things on social media in regards to what we do or help advertise for the company. People have been fired for posting on social media.

Affairs happen all the time in the banking industry.

Everyone is shady! Affairs galore & people are just never what you expect.

I worked for a bank as a lead teller for 5 years. And I would be sent to the Mexican consulate to open accounts. But they would be fake accounts... The fake accounts were opened and the customers couldn’t close them down cause we were told to have them sign without explaining.

We throw away gross and ugly money. Tellers collect junky bills to take out of circulation and be lit up by the Fed, and yes, I''ve pulled out bills with suspicious stains, bills ive seen people pull out of their nether regions, bills with nasty hilarious writing on them....you name it!

There is a manager that preys on every woman. He's been reported More than once & our lawyer always makes it 'disappear'

I'm a teller. You'd be surprised how many people have secret accounts from their spouses. And tell you not to tell them.

You can learn a lot about someone by looking at their card transaction history. Whenever I would help This guy.. I could see the he would go to the strip club and liquor store everyday.

Bank fraud... I can stop your transaction or shut your acct. down for any suspicion. Even if you confirm it auth. Don t piss me off on the phone. I might get suspicious.

If a loan application comes in and it s a pain to read/decipher, we’ll just decline it

I work for a bank. They don t throw them away at the branch. They mark it as destroy and then send it to the Federal Reserve and the reserve throws it away . They burn it

I m an underwriter, and if clients or loan officers get too pushy &automatically declined. Ain t got time for that

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