TEXT TOPIC: Who's the angry person in your family?

I’m the angry one. My blow ups are so bad I’m no longer invited to family events. Combat PTSD is a B and ruining my life

The angry person is my step dad. Every little thing will set him off, if he spills something, drops a fork he'll yell out "only in my f **ked up life.

My dad’s the angry person grits his teeth balls up his fists at anything at the dog barks if you flip on the light while he’s watching TV if a baby cries the man is just truly angry the only time I see him overly joyed and happy is when he’s out to eat the man loves to eat

I'm the angry person. I'm pretty good for the most part but when i snap everyone needs to watch out.

my sister is the angry one. She’s not happy unless she is mad at someone, for something stupid. She complains about EVERYTHING! She is currently mad at me, mom, dad, an uncle, 2 aunts, her son and his girlfriend, and several cousins.

my sister! She has a problem for every solution!

My husband is the angry one in that family. He s like hot boiling water that splashes on everybody and stifles their happiness. He’s warm some days but those are few and far between

my sil is the angry one, she has the poor picked on me attitude, is always in pain and whining about it and when nobody feels bad for her she throws tantrums. She is 28 btw.

I’m the angry one in my Family I’m a commercial driver and im in traffic all day long. By the time I get home I’m uber angry. And need at least 10min to decompress.

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