TEXT TOPIC: What bullet did you dodge?

I had a ex beg me 2 marry him said no, he's now married cheats on his wife w/ prostitutes, & has a drinking problem Bullet dodged!

My in laws were going to move in because they didn’t have money. When they went to talk to their apt. Manager she was able to get my FIL a job so they don’t have to move in with us. Joining the Matrix after dodging that bullet.

I was scared of quitting my old job for my current one. 3 months after quitting my old job laid off half the company. Dodged that bullet.

All the rolling in the hay I did as a young gal. No unplanned pregnancies or STDs! Whew!

My ex! We were on and off again. Had I not met my husband I would have gone back to him.15 yrs later he has no job or motivation in life!

Bf wanted 2 take a break almost went w/anther guy, bf wanted me back Turns out other guy severe alcoholic &got arrested by Feds for serious shiz.

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