TEXT TOPIC: Do you have baby name drama?

I wanted to name my baby girl Cora, sooo bad that I said I’d let my husband name the next child. Big mistake, he wants to name our new baby Earl... I’m screwed..

My husband is hell bent on naming our first son Cornelius! Originally it started as wanting a Greek or Roman name and I am on board with that and would compromise there but Cornelius?!?! Does he want out child to beat up in school ?!?!?

My wife wanted to name our son a name pic a guy she had a crush on in high school. I fought it, and told her I won't call him by his name. Well I won

Don't do it! My ex had the same name. The credit confusion alone was enough. Dad filed bk we had to jump hoops you buy a house.

I was named after my mom and I love her, but it’s a nightmare our credit scores and our bank accounts get mixed up and interchanged all the time. Don’t do it!

somehow my mother in law has to have all of her grandchildren named after like her middle name, maiden, first name

My ex wanted Enzo. I hated it. My ex left us when my son was 4 months old so I changed his name best decision I ever made. 

Sounds like my ex, he named our first two children and told me I didn’t love him if I didn’t go along with it. I was pregnant with my 3rd and during our divorce I named our third myself, he tried to take me to court to get it changed, the judge just laughed at him.

My hubby wanted to name our first son Lloyd because that’s his first name but he goes by his middle name which is what he wanted my son to do because his dad did the same thing. It makes remembering which name he used for bills and medical records confusing.

I named my first daughter a name I had always had in my head. My wife wanted to name her something else so I got her a dog to name.

I was in the same situation with my son. I had the name all picked out and my wife was ok with it. She had the boy and she cried for 3 days about the name.

My wife wants to name our first girl after her sister and she gets mad whenever I say I don't want that name.

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