TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! November 27, 2017

Me and my fiancé finally got our own place together.

Yesterday was my and Chris's 15th wedding anniversary. --Kami Dittmer

I graduated from Master Aesthetics & begin my new job 2day! I was offered multiple positions but this 1 felt right!

Wife is pregnant with baby number three and we have our first appointment this Friday

My 13 month old daughter is finally walking!

My something good is after listening for 11 years I was finally able meet Frankie on Friday! And I won a shirt (which I LOVE)!!

Something good In my life, I m 6 week pregnant! We have been trying for over 3 yrs. So excited!!

Just found out I got my eighth grand baby on the way due in June

Last week at a job that has been sucking the life out of me for years! On to bigger and better things next week!

I am taking my mom to her first ever national finals rodeo.

Something good, my wife secretly saved money and surprised me to help me start restoring the vehicle we met in 13yrs ago that’s been sitting for years.

Decided to check my powerball ticket when I went to Idaho and learned that I had won.

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Frankie and Jess

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