TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! November 20, 2017

Today my husband and I have been eating for 23 years. #highschoolsweethearts

2 day work week. HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

my husband is interviewing with Amazon this morning!

I passed my boards and got a decent raise!!!

my whole family is spending the week in park city for thanksgiving.

just signed a contract with The Home Shopping Network for my product to be on After months of hard work!!! Something great for this Monday morning!!!=== Orthotics...inserts for your shoes. Company is Footscientific. They Are seriously amazing. I will have to drop some off to you!!!

just paid a huge loan off!

Celebrated my 11th anniversary with the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth. I love you Marcy!!!!

my baby girl turns six months on Thanksgiving

Im leaving for Dallas on Wednesday to watch the Cowboys probably lose on thanksgiving! First nfl game ever. Bucket list trip!

Im starting a new job today! It will be a very good change for me, working for family isnt working out. my old boss offered mea management position I m so excited to be working for them again!

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