TEXT TOPIC: Should Miss X follow her dreams of going into the Peace Corps

do the job thing. Men are not a sure thing! She’s young and needs to fulfill her dreams.

Boys come and go... join the Peace Corp. you will grow so muchas a person, then when you come back you’ll be ready for real love

Peace corps. She will regret it if she doesn't do it. The guy will be support her if he cares about her dreams.

She s too young to give up a dream for a man - if he loves her he’ll support her following her dream

go for love. Genuine people you get along with and love don t come by often. Don t miss out on a happy life.

She needs to join the peace Corp. She’s young and she has the rest of her life to get serious with someone. If she doesn’t go resentment could happen.

I say go for the job since it s what you’ve wanted for a long time. Relationship come and go and you re still young

peace Corps. If the relationship doesn’t work out, she’ll regret her decision forever. If it s true love , he’ll be there after she gets back.

if it's something you have always wanted to do then do it if not you may have resentment in the relationship later on.

She needs to go for it. If it s meant to be he will support her and will be waiting for her to come back.

There will always be another man. There will never be another Peace Corps. If you don t go, you may eventually resent your man. and then the opportunity will be gone.

you don t want to resent your partner later for not going

Peace Core! He is already doing what he wants to do and is being successful. She should have the same opportunity to do the same for herself.

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