TEXT TOPIC: Does your spouse have a problem with your work wife or work hub

I’m the work wife, I hate it! I’m not their work wife, I’m their co-worker & equal. Don’t try and belittle my role

I am 26 and have a work wife that s 50.. It pisses my wife off to the point that she went out and got her own work husband & I’ll tease her about it anytime I have the chance

I don't blame her for being careful my ex husband is now married to his work wife

a work friend is fine, giving them the title work wife/husband would not be ok with me

a guy I work with is a work polygamist. He has 3 work wives and calls them all wife. I'm single and I think it's super creepy

About the woman who s not ok with the whole work wife thing.... Think about all the different industries you guys talk about where people are hooking up on the reg. I m sure there are a lot of people who aren’t down with the work wife/husband thing.

wife made me quit and take a lower paying job because of my work wife. Probably for good reason because I miss her everyday

my wife has a work husband and it used to bug me till I met the guy, I'm pretty sure he's gay.

my boss and my manager act like they are married. He's married she isn't. They show up to work together, order others meals. Weird.

My friend's wife used to call me her husband's "work wife". We are good friends but I work with all guys and it totally changed how other guys saw me.

I was a new teacher. My coach/mentor's wife hated me. Made him switch schools. Never did anything. They divorced. Crazy!!

I make my work husband a gay man. No jealousy on either side.

my work wife is 58 and I am 25 and she always talks about me to her husband and he gets mad because I'm younger and hot

been with my boss for almost 7 yrs. never knew it was a problem until my husband yelled at me about it a few weeks ago.

I'm the work wife, in the way that people think I keep track of him his vacations if hes in a meeting, if hes left 4 lunch 2 meet a friend

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