TEXT TOPIC: What is your weird food combo?

I eat Doritos with banana peppers and pizza rolls with mustard

pineapple jalapeno pizza. So good

I seen someone put peanut butter on scrambled eggs yesterday

I grew up in Iowa, never heard of cheese and pop tarts; ever. But I did used to eat butter and sugar sandwiches.

pickles and peanut butter together. Yummy!

hot dogs mashed potatoes and cheese

like to dip potato chips in mustard mmm so good

my mom has mayo sandwiches. She puts butter on both slices of bread with mayo in the middle. Nothing else. Weird.

I like Fritos on a peanut butter sandwich

chicken soup with potatoes, pasta and rice all together

brussel sprouts and vinegar we have it every year with Thanksgiving or any other family get-togethers

salt on watermelon

dip my popcorn in ketchup

big fat pickles dipped in powdered fruit punch koolaid

French fried with ice cream

bbq chips with Mac and cheese on top.

Pb & j sandwich with spicy bean dip smothered on it. Sounded good while preggo. Eating it ever since

bleu cheese dressing on my spaghetti!

7yr old daughter has lettuce soaked in vinegar for breakfast

Jail house burritos. Homemade tortillas, chick ramen (drained just noodles), sour cream and hot sauce. Have to do the homemade tortillas from Costco.

grandma made a jello with a flour cool whip topping, but put grated sharp cheddar in that

Canned spaghetti fried up with canned corn beef over rice

Chili spaghetti with cheese, big in Cincinnati

White bread with lots of mayo, Kraft cheese singles, baloney then microwaved it.

my mom loves peanut butter, banana. And wait for it... miracle whip.. eats it all the time

white rice scrambled eggs and bacon with corn kernels

potato chips on a bologna sandwich

macaroni and cheese and tuna fish!!

peanut butter , mayo and banana sandwiches

my mom crumbles up saltine crackers into a glass of milk..... Never tried it but yuck

my dad LOVES tomato and mayo sandwiches. Yuck!

I love hotdogs with mustard ketchup and sauerkraut with an ice cold oj

we would melt marshmallows on saltine crackers. We'd also eat potato chips with cottage cheese.

love hotdogs with mustard ketchup and sauerkraut with an ice cold oj

Chili with cottage cheese. A coworker introduced me & as gross as it looks, it s crazy delicious!

used to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and dip them in ranch. Still pretty good!

"donuts". Bread, mayo, sugar, bologna, ketchup, bread.

(liverworst), peanut butter, jelly, and mustard sandwiches

fried eggs and white rice yum my brother puts ketchup on his

eggbread (French toast) with ketchup!! Soooooo good!!!

Bread with a nice layer of butter and maple syrup. My brother was ketchup and Tang

Hot dogs, sliced into slices. A can of corn, drained A can of tomato sauce and half the can of water Then S&P. Grew up eating it... Parents call it Mulligan stew

buttermilk with pepper

butter on bread, sprinkle sugar on top and nuke it

Corn flakes on coffee

miracle whip in saltines

Saltines dipped in Tang (the orange drink)!

peanut butter and carrots, soo addicting

avocado on my spaghetti

dip pizza in mustard

Cottage cheese with Nacho Cheese Doritos

Spaghetti with chilli onions cheese and mushrooms

my dad puts butter in white rice nothing else

grape or cherry pickles! Pickles soaked in cherry or grape koolaid

MY hubby makes "chicken soup". Aka a big bowl of ranch with a few dinosaur nuggets thrown in.

grilled cheese but it was completely smashed flat ( I think we made it in a hamburger press grill) then topped it with miracle whip

hot Cheetos and pickles

I like dipping a toasted cheese in hot chocolate

Spaghetti O's w/Peas

Oreo with spray cheese on top! Dance company favorite!

peanut butter with dill pickles.

Strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar

yellow mustard on his pancakes

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