TEXT TOPICS: What song takes you back?

"Far Away" by Nickelback. It takes me back to my wedding day. It reminds me that my wife makes me a better man every day

uncle cracker follow me. The day I kissed the man I was supposed to marry while I was engaged

Lights-Journey sleeping on patio singing with bff

In The Arms Of An Angel Sarah Mclachlan. Reminds me of driving with my mom to the hospital before she passed away from MS.

REGULATE! We were 14 yo girls and my besties bro drove us around while blasting it.

whenever I hear Collective Soul December reminds me of going to Raging Waters in the 90s

I Will by the Beatles always flashes me back to being little on my dads lap. Now I sing it to my daughter when she can t sleep

See You Again came out the same month my husband passed away. Love it, but always brings up memories of him in my head. I end up crying each time

Luke Bryan s song Drink a Beer brings back all the good memories with a friend of mine that has since passed away. It also brings me to the night and tragic events that transpired leading up to their passing. So although it s a mixed of memories for the three minuets that song plays I feel as if my friend is sitting right nextto me.

Apologize by One Republic. When MySpace was a "Thing" that song was attached to my Brothers page who I had never met and couldn''t find until then. That song was attached to his page

my song is Dark Side of the Moon -Pink Floyd. It takes me back to my 20''s, when my best friend who played in a band, they played a ton of Pink Floyd, and it was awesome!

Nights in a White Satin takes me back to 1996 when I was 17and sexy time with my then boyfriend at his friend s photography studio. Frankie, Telephone Line is an amazing song! Goosebumps every time I hear it.

my dad LOVED Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. He s been gone almost 2 years and it takes me back & makes me smile!

anything by disturbed, brings me back to Cali when I d rid the bus desperately looking for work, we are in a better place now but still takes me back

into the night Benny Mardones..i saw a guy get hit on a motorcycle in Logan when I was about 7. I see that in my head every time I hear that song..but its such a good song

Your the One by Shania Twain. It s my daughter Shelby s song. It came on while me and my husband were driving to the funeral hometo dress her.

the bengals, walk like an Egyptian. Laying in my older teenager sisters bedroom. I was 8

You're the Inspiration takes me back to wedding day when life was perfect for a moment. He later passed away.

Headstrong-Trapt reminds me of my 9th grade football season, the whole team listened to it before and after every practice/game

No Rain - Blind Melon, high school cruising the canyon with friends.

Everytime I hear John Mellencamp hurts so good it makes me think of my dad and camping

Mambo Number 5 reminds me of a beauty pageant I was in once. LoL I used the song for one of my walks.

The Promise by When in Rome. Brings happy memories of blacksmithing with my late husband

When I see you smile by Bad English. Reminds me of some rough times and how to face the storm.

Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter takes me back to when I had just graduated and parties at bonfires in the Midwest, we loved the stones

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