TEXT TOPIC: Who is the relative that is gonna get drunk at Thanksgiving?

my uncle!! Got so bad one year that he got up on the table screaming haha picked up the turkey and threw it haha

my dad! Ugh it s so annoying. He s always Been that guy at every family event he s the crazy uncle that promises me he will be good and not drink too much. But then he ALWAYS gets way too drunk and it s the most embarrassing thing ever! One year on thanksgiving he spilled my bomb Homemade gravy not once but TWICE! All because he wanted to help

My granny sure loves her gin, singing carols opera style, and talking politics!! Thanksgiving will be an adventure! *face palm*

drunk- my mom is an alcoholic, no big deal, but treats herself to wine on thanksgiving. Gets drunk, cries and blames world problems on us annually good time

my brother in law will get drunk and then fawn over my husband. The bro in law loves my hubby sometimes I think more than I do

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