TEXT TOPIC: What are you being petty about?

I'm the same way all my family likes my brothers post and pictures of his kids but when I post about Karson nothing even after surgery

my monster in law will only text my husband stuff that I should know about too or she sends a mass text and doesn’t include me. She knows it pisses me off so she continues to do it. I wouldn’t care if she wasn’t such a B to begin with!

I'm petty about my GF's cousins they're all delinquents and always get the best jobs and quit them!!!I keep my nose clean and get NOTHING!!

I don't like photos on facebook of people who post too many photos of themselves. The ones who think they are models

me & a good coworker friend were finalists for a position at work, she got it over me and I CANNOT let it go! I mean i deserved it...of course! = but I can barely talk to her anymore and I''m annoyed at myself for being a baby!

my wife and I are a blended family. I think I'm very Petty just on how much attention her kids get over myself

I'm a maid of honor and the bride is having the bridesmaid help more than me and it's making me mad because she's my best friend

Daycare closes 6 days for holidays I understand day after thanksgiving, not the Fri before Xmas and the Fri before New Year''s freaking day. I still have to work

just saw a snap chat of a mom friend complain about the gift I gave her 1yr old #pissed

pretty sure my mother in law hates me or has some issue w/me right now becuz she doesn t like ANYthing I post on fb but she likes all of her sons stuff

I set a wedding date its on my friends date but a year later and she wants me to change it. I say no. I waited 7 years for my day im keeping it

a friend of mine always brags about doing well on tests on FB, but she cheats off me in class.

I know I shouldn’t be petty about it, but can’t stand girls that complain about being pregnant or accidentally got pregnant when I have been going through infertility for years.

I was petty on Facebook too. So I deleted myself from Facebook.

Coworker complained and slanders work related issues.... nothing happens... grrrr

I almost never comment because I hate all the notifications you get after of everyone else commenting. No thanks, don't need that!

money for this Xmas, hubby suddenly got demoted with pay cut bcoz CEO want to go to another direction. Hopefully my kids will understand for this xmas.

Petty about people bringing xtra kids to my sons'' bday parties. Not really about the expense - petty that they are there for the fun and not celebrating my son!

my mother in law told my kids I was cold hearted when I was separated from my spouse. I can't get over it and I can barely stand to be around her.

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