TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! November 13, 2017

just flew in last night from a long weekend in Virginia to watch the launch of an Antares rocket. It was cool!

Been driving back an forth to work which is about an hour away. Got a new job close to home with a low pay cut! Also found out were pregnant with our second baby !!

I had something good that happened. I got engaged over the weekend. So happy

2 good things. I got all my Christmas shopping done. And my son was picked for Student of the Week for this week

After 7 years I will be going back to school in Jan. to finish my B.S. in Sociology and then getting my elementary teaching certificate.

going to Florida to see my family and surprise my brother cause he is proposing to his girlfriend!

Something good...I have five multimillion dollar clients that I''m supposed to keep happy...one caused about 80% of the stress in my life. Was moved off of it last week for a new normal multimillion dollar client. Life is incredible again!!!

I put in my resignation due to a new job offer. The VP of my current company found out and literally handed me a new position with a huge promotion that I could not refuse. Going from $30k to over $75K a year! #VeryGoodWeek

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