TEXT TOPIC: Does someone in your life steal your stories and tell them like

My friend she is always taking everything that happens to me and then retells the story like it's her own. I ghosted her because I was tired of her lying

my twin sister used to tell stories that happened to me as if they happened to her ALL THE TIME. I’d call her out every time and have to walk her thru why they are not her stories and then she’d shrug it off and say "well whatever". She doesn’t do it anymore

I had a coworker come into work saying she got out of a ticket for rear ending someone by saying she sneezed. That really happened to me @ 18.

I had told my story that my grandma got pulled over and called the cop out because she wasn’t doing anything wrong but the cop did what she did and then my sister said that it was her story that she got pulled over and called the cop out

Husband does this constantly. Especially over our newborn. Wouldn't be surprised to hear him 1 day claim to have actually been the one to give birth

my sister tells stories about things that happened to her but they really happened to me. I’ve called her out a few times but she says you lie, are you drunk? I’ve kept journals & most the stories are written in them

My husband. All the damn time. But he effs the stories up all the time

brother does it all the time but he tells it better than I can do I let him have it.

I have really awkward/hilarious things happen to me. I’ll tell my story & ppl laugh so hard, so my friend always steals my stories to get the same reaction

told a friend a story and she later use it in a work speech as though it was her own in front of all of us

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