TEXT TOPIC: Did you fall and jack yourself up?

fell 2 1/2 weeks now walking into my house. I have broken ribs and eight weeks of healing.

We were hiking in a slot canyon in southern Utah when my husband fell and dislocated his shoulder. He was in a huge amount of pain, but we managed to climb out without having to call search and rescue.

I'm a crossing guard and tripped IN the crosswalk a year ago. Tore 2 ligaments and ended up with surgery and in a boot for 6 months!

i was running upstairs and fell up the stairs ramming my toe into the stairs. Blew up like a balloon, had to play an indoor soccer game on it. #worstplayer

I m a roofer, I fell off the roof and landed on some bricks on my side. I broke my collar bone, one piece pierced my skin. Broke my arm, got a concussion as well.

my father in law was remodeling his house, put his ladder in the bed of his truck and fell to the ground, broke his hip!!

I had found out my best friend’s husband had just passed away I was walking out the door to go be with her for every ligament and tendon in my ankle and ended up having to have surgery to head screws in my ankle

Adams Canyon. Life flight had to take me. Injured back. Didn’t break any bones, but I had a bruise the size of my forearm on my butt.

my dry tripped over her boots, broke her foot and had to have surgery

family pool party, ran into the screen (sliding) door a few people saw. Broke the frame of the door. BADLY bruised my legs on the one stair. SO EMBARRASSED

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