TEXT TOPIC: Thank you for allowing us to be free! Happy Veterans day!

I want to thanks my dad, Joe, he served in the Army and he is the best example of a man I know and he made me who I am today

I want to thank my family. My dad is retired Air Force, my husband is currently serving in the Army and my son is active duty in the Marines. I love that they serve and are willing to. It s means a lot to me and I m proud of them

my GRANDfather, a veteran, a husband, my friend. I miss him everyday. World War II. He is with my equally GRANDmother. Thank you both for being my heros.

I want to thank my hero, my boyfriend, Andrew! He is the love of my life, and my high school sweetheart! He is an amazing boyfriend, dad, and Marine! HVD, babe! I love you!

my friend Fred Jackson passed away a few months ago. He is missed by Mike Cullis and Paul Lloyd and Brad Derrick. All good men and Veterans I am thankful for!

My father served in the Korean War. I love and appreciate his service - I was too young to understand but I have been blessed by every way he lives his life. Love you Dad.

Proud of my father who served over 30 years in the Navy. Served in Vietnam.

my grandpa is 95. He caught in ww2 and Vietnam. He is the strongest person I know. He is still laying brick, woodworking, and gardening at 95

my husbands grandfather was a 2 star general at fort bliss. Powers family

thank you to my parents. They meet in the air force both as aircraft mechanic. All my uncles and aunts served in Air Force. My cousin in the marines

my grandpa served in ww2 as part of the ghost Army was just recognized last night gov Herbert. Thanks for your service

Wanted to shout out to my Dad, Jim. Served in the Army Reserves for 32 yrs. The BEST example of hard work, dedication and love of country. Love you Dad!

I want to thank my dad for his service in ww11m he just passed away Sept 3rd.

Gpa WW2 VET supposed to be deployed on one submarine, orders were changed at last minute. The submarine he was supposed to be sent on was sunk

a big shout out to my dad Max Christensen! Just celebrated his 91st bday and served in the US Army in WWII. A great example of the hardest worker I have ever known! Thanks pops for all the life lessons over the years!

grandfather died in Korea by staying behind while his men retreated. Family was given MOH

thank my husband who is deployed. We miss and love him. He is our hero.

I like think my dad Roger my Grandpa Elmo and and my uncle Reid my ex husband and numerous friends for their service. How much I love all of them

my Sister Brenda is a medically retired Sergeant front the marine corps. Served in Afghanistan. My absolute hero. Thank you all who serve!

My husband is a former Marine and almost his entire family served. Also my grandfather

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