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Over the years, my mother visited doctors to see why her abdomen hurt so much but sadly, she kept getting sent home with different "explanations" with no real solution. They thought it was indigestion, gas, kidney stones, acid reflux, even constipation! Misdiagnosed for 5 long years, Colon cancer was finally found out to be the culprit to my mother's agonizing abdominal pain but by then, the dreaded cancer was at Stage 4 and had metastasized. My mother, 58 yrs young, was given 1 yr to live. Being the fighter that she's always been, she tried to beat the cancer with chemotherapy and surgery. Sadly, the cancer resisted the chemo and surgery revealed it had spread to her liver, ovaries and uterus. We invested all we had left into Chelation Therapy as our very last hope to combat this atrocity and better her quality of life, but despite all our efforts this awful illness has prevailed. My mother fought the good fight and in her frail state has kept the faith but now with only a few weeks to live, we desperately plea with our friends, family and kind strangers to help us raise funds to help pay for medical bills and funeral expenses.

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•GoFundMe:*Shortcut link: GF.ME/U/DYC7D6 

• Cyprus Credit Union #219773-S1(Last name: Olea)

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Any exposure to our cause would be greatly appreciated. God bless you guys ♡
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