If you are in love with your pet, check this out!

Hey Frankie!

I heard Robin’s vulnerable share this morning (I’m pretty sure that’s their name) and I can totally relate. My dog is my life, and I know when he passes I will NOT handle it well at all, and everyone who knows me is telling me that from how attached I am.If you could tell them there is an amazing company called Cuddle Clones that can duplicate their pet as a stuffed animal, or a little statue. I have already made a stuffed animal of my boy and I absolutely love it. I also ordered a little statue for my coworkers dog who passed away at 17 years old. They balled when they saw the gift I got them, it really does help to have something tangible that looks like them. The companies website is www.cuddleclones.com

They do more than just the two items I listed… but I know those two are my favorites. ❤️
Frankie and Jess

Frankie and Jess

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