TEXT TOPIC: Where you WILD back in the day?

Used to party, smoke, drink, sleep around every single night and now I’m a pto mom that does bake sales and dresses up for Halloween and I told my coworkers and their minds were blown. Sweet little ole me being naughty they couldn’t imagine it

Use to hang out with gangs members in my late teens. Was at houses when drive by happened.

My secret wild side I would drink and have sex w lots of people one time with 3 guys and would send videos and pics.

I’m 43 and when I lived in Mexico in my back in 97 I was involved drug transportation for 1 yr, all over Mexico. But I was lucky to leave. Never again.

Was a punk. Used to sneak out all the time, ran away, partied hard with drugs. Got put into rehab. Now people are shocked at my past when I tell.

My nickname in high school was wild child LOL I spent a lot of time hanging out with other guys and partying when I was only 15 years old. Not proud to say that I was pretty much known as the school slut. Looking back now, I can t believe that I used to be that way.

My house Key fit every Mormon church and seminary building around my house the last time I went in tied one we decided to pull the fire alarm and hid in a field for 5 hours that was 1980

I was wild back in the day in high school. You know smoke a little weed. We had a crawlspace in our house and my brother and I who is a year older than me decided that we would go grow a plant in that crawlspace and my parents were wondering why it smelled like burning sage downstairs so they opened up the crawlspace and saw that we had our plant there. Pretty funny

I slept with a stranger in cabana at hard rock hotel in Vegas one night, next night with a marine on the roof of circus circus. Im a SAHM now!

I was a punk with a German Mohawk. I ran away at 15. Did lots drugs & hung out downtown at Bandaloop's & Confetti's.

My husband drank some liquor and went to a high school stomp completely drunk and stripped on a table he got kicked out and in trouble!

Used to run drugs back in Cali, I’ve been in a few chases but the cops can't follow you if you dip into the desert to hide at night.

in HS a science teacher flunked me cuz I corrected her in class. Stuffed her exhaust pipe with my pb&j.

In high school I rode my dirt bike naked through the commons and got caught never again.

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