TEXT TOPIC: Are you burnt out at your job?

got promoted at work but they aren’t hiring to replace my old position. So I work long hours and am getting my masters degree at the same time. Burnt. Out.

burnt out at work cuz I do the same thing over and over. The only report that was different, we stopped doing it. Need new stimulation.

Not enough time off. And I work 55ish hours a week.

always short staffed, constantly being assigned more work to make up for short staff, laziness is never disciplined and getting sick of it

My bosses don't motivate or push me to perform better at work. Burned out, looking for new dept to work at.

burnout from mgmt. asking same questions hoping for different answers but change is out of my hands and more at mgmt level.

I'm burned out by my job. On day 11 of ten hour shifts. Is it Saturday yet?

I m burnt out at work because it s a small business. My boss is wack af and excepts me to run his business. He can t do it without me but won t compensate

burnt out at work because the new boss keeps putting his hands in everything. Side note it doesn't help.

I work with children. Their first job out of high school and a boss that acts like a child. It s exhausting trying to do a 4 person job on my own

my coworker is lazy and my personality won't let me let work pile up. I hate her

my boss is a serious micromanager. Just let me do the job you hired me to do!

I get paid really good, I only work part time, but they have no work, so I sit and surf the web. Sounds great, but it takes a toll.

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