TEXT TOPIC: Who in the family has FOMO?

my husband has FOMO bad! We will have family plans and a friend will call with other plans and he is like "I have to go with them please!"

It's my sister in law. But she FOMO for her kids. She'll do whatever she can to make sure her kids are at everything. She doesn't want them to miss out

Fomo my boyfriend. Even changes his work schedule to not miss events. Thinks he's 21 I'm no 50

my sister throws a fit if we do something that doesn’t fit her schedule then she complains to my mom and we have to change plans so that she can come

I have FOMO! It used to make me angry if my husband would do things with friends or family when I was stuck at work. I'm getting better.

that’s the one reason I don t have social media.

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