TEXT TOPIC: What freaky thing did your kid do or say?

cousin was 2, would talk to her friend no one else could see. She told her mom her friend "sayka" would tell her to be bad

hey its Michael when I was a kid I was able to see to see people who have passed on and it freaked my babysitters out and I still see them till this day

my 4 yr old son looked at me & very seriously said he wasn't going to stab me...thank you. *sleeps with one eye open*

family camping trip; nephew tells us there is a woman in white by the water just standing there; guys i might have peed and pooped my pants at that moment

When my son was little, 4 or so, he recognized a photo of my brother as someone he d seen in his room. My brother died 7 years before he was born

my 3 year old daughter asked if her friend could come out and play the closet door opened and I got a cold chill we left immediately and never returned to our house

three year old used to say that my deceased mom was always in his bedroom tickling him

I have a little brother and nephew that have mental disabilities both will whisper to people no one can else can see. My nephew is non verbal!

My baby would look in the distance and start laughing after my FIL died

I was babysitting my cousin. He started screaming and crying saying that scary man is behind the lamp again . I called my mom crying.

My son was in the NICU for 3 weeks. It wasn t until he started to talk at age 2 and always said iche that I knew his German Great Great Grandma was watching over him in the NICU. Iche liebe Dicheis I Love you in German.

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