TEXT TOPIC: What freaks you out?

Windmills! For some reason those big skinny white ones FREAK me out!!

The dark!!! But really, everything.

I am afraid of driving. I drive where I have to, take the exact same route to work every day and make my husband drive anywhere else I have to go

I’m scared of elevators!!! My job is on the 8th floor and normally have to travel to the 16th floor. My legs are getting buff!

The only thing I'm afraid of is losing my mom. We're extremely close. I know that at some point it will happen, it's unavoidable inevitability

mother truckin clowns

spider - shark – chainsaws

Effing grasshoppers!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a fear of both failure and success, it makes goals and being self employed very difficult

A fear of rubber bands You can hold me at rubber band point and steal all my stuff

crickets & moths

I have trypophobia. It s the fear of multiple small holes. If you re not sure what I mean, just google image it!

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