TEXT TOPIC: What fashion trend can you not stand on the opposite sex?

Dress shirts tucked into jeans khakis or slacks only! (Woman in20s)

I'm a guy in my 30's. I hate it when women wear pants that say Juicy or Sexy on them

I m a woman in my 50s I HATE white sunglasses on any man

I m 28. I hate guys in anything leather!

I m 52 year old female. I hate v-neck t shirt on a guy

Once you re out of high school, graphic tees are OUT!

36 year old woman. I hate cargo shorts/pants and boat shoes

I'm 20 and I think denim skirts and jackets are a BIG turn off!

lipstick on women, men in capri's, anyone in Crocks

bag pants on your knees showing the boxers !!! Do stupid

hate yoga pants on women that look like they've never been to a single yoga class in their life

older men that wear affliction clothing line bedazzled jeans hell No!

Men wearing flip flops! I hate it...

36 male, don t like females of all ages wearing yoga pants or athletic pants as daily wear. Especially the new Victoria secret peekaboo yoga pants.

29 yr old husband admitted he hates my jeans with holes in them

hate when guys where socks with sandals

Pant that hugs the guys legs not waistline

in my 20s & I hate when guys wear dress pants that are a little short

hate when girls wear hole shorts, and pants, and hate shorts that are so small you see the front pockets

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