TEXT TOPIC: Is there a house in your neighborhood that needs repairs?

A house has the rain gutter falling off right over the front door. Oh wait that's my house. Oops

my parents built their home in 96, still haven't installed garage door. It is just plywood sheeting.

my grandparents had no outside doorknob on their front door for YEARS! My aunt was so embarrassed of it, she bought one for her senior prom and put in on before her date came.

My parents neighbors have lived in their house for probably 5 years now. They have cardboard for their blinds.

neighbor never take late care of lawn tons of weeds and bad grass. And recently painted whales and dolphins on the exterior of the front. Ruins the whole neighborhood...

my old neighbor still hasn't finished the add on to the front of their house its been 16 years! Its an eye sore yikes

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