TEXT TOPIC: When did you feel left out?

called my girlfriend’s and told her about the strippers in Wendover we should go she got on her with her sister’s herself and bought tickets for them and totally left me out

hubs always let's his sisters know everything. Like where's he is, how he's feeling. etc I feel left out

A lot of my family is going on a cruise. I just can't afford to go. That's all they talk about. It sucks to hear all their plans and know I can't go

mom took my sister on a vacation and didn’t  invite me. I didn’t even know they were going until I started seeing pictures of them on Facebook in Seattle. Ouch

I have 3 girlfriends one I was best friends with but have been very close with all of them. They are all sisters and naturally Im the odd out.

I am in a bunco group and probably 8 out of 12 of the girls went to see thriller and didn’t invite the rest of us. It was pretty crappy

just married my wife (same sex couple) and my family won’t accept her as my wife and we have not been invited to family events since. Yeah a little left out.

The girls at work ALWAYS go to lunch without me. I sit in the middle of them and they make plans w/o me

about two years ago 4 of my friends went to a Halloween party and didn’t extend an invite to me. Afterwards they gave multiple excuses for not inviting me.

I m the only sister in law in my husbands family. At a family baby shower, they all planned a girls day (spa) with the sisters but excluded me... right in front of me :(

group of my only friends "forgot" to invite me to Disneyland with them, I was really hurt and left out. They continue to leave me out of stuff

my family does this all the time. Last to get invited to everything if they remember to invite me. Had a few calls why I wasn't there.

my friend who always refers to me as her BFF to all our other friends, constantly leaves me out of all events. When confronted she giggles and says she forgot to invite me.

My husband's parents will often favor their other grandchildren leaving my child out of the picture. They even favor the unborn grandchild

told friend about fun escape room we should do. She went w/other friends. No invite & I told her!

my boyfriend of 11 years and has three children went on a month long vacation to Samoa, left me here. Haven''t spoken to him once... Haven''t even "liked" his Facebook photos.

I ran into 3 of my friends out at brunch together. I immediately felt hurt and it was awkward. I told my best friend (who was there) "I have to tell you that my feelings were hurt...". She replied with "I have to tell you that you’re ridiculous, you made everyone at the table feel uncomfortable".

Had a baby last year now left out of girls get togethers and St George trips

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