TEXT TOPIC: What creepy thing did your kid say?

my daughter pointed to a pic when she was 3 and told me that was her grandpa. The one who played baseball. No one had never mentioned him to her because he passed 13 years prior. He played minor league baseball

when my daughter was 4 she asked me if i remember falling down the cement stairs in my old house in Ohio when I was 2..creepy

my 4 yr old said she had fun playing with her cousin Taylor last night. He died before she was born&never met him.

my daughter was 2, she said she saw a man in our house. talked about him for 3 weeks. Described perfectly my grandpa who killed himself in the 70''s.After the 3 weeks, she said he went to the sky and isn’t going to come back.

my 4 yr old son one night asked my wife to make an extra cookies for his friend then he would laugh and say I don’t know how he is going to eat it if he has no bottom jaw

At the dinner table my 5 year old son says "Dad, I want to make you bleed from your eyes."

my niece was outside on the swing looked over and said hey guys what you doing guys and carried on a conversation with them she said that she seen to Grandpa’s but not tile at both of my grandpa’s had been passed away

went to a wedding where they did hangings back in the day apparently. Baby brother (2) asked why people were hanging from the trees

my daughter will talk about her "old mom and dad. She's 5.... she told us that her old dad got killed and her old mom got burned.

As an infant, my son would look up into a corner of his room and whisper "Ta Pah". When he was about four, we asked if he remembered saying "Ta Pah", he shot a scared look at the corner and said, "Don''t say that! Don''t ever say that!" Ten years later, I still get chills thinking about it.

my niece was staring off and I asked her what she was thinking about. She said how I m going to kill you. She s 7. Creepy!

I had a dream one night where I missed my flight and got stranded. The next day, my 6 year old student said, "sorry you missed your plane. That''s too bad."

my 2 year old son will randomly stare off, point and say who is that? Who s that Mom? Then he ll ask me where did the ghost go? Or the ghost went outside. don t even know where he knows the word ghost.

my youngest would tell me that bubbles would come from underher bed and a man would appear. She would refuse to go in my room.Said the bubble man was in there and would watch me sleep and wanted to hurt me. Soon after any pics I took in my room with her hadorbs. And weird stuff was happening when I was home alone. We broke our lease and moved. She was 3.

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