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only lasted 4 months @dcfs. Overworked, underpaid, underappreciated. Only wanted 2 help & was h8ed 4 it.

A lot of the time we cant support cases cuz we cant find evidence even if we think its true. There r so many laws we r bound by.

worked at DCFS. We actually do not want your children. We want your children with you

SO MUCH! We (caseworkers) put ourselves in dangerous situations daily, get paid crap, we are punching bags for everyone, and people think we enjoy removing kids. We hate it and here are conspiracy websites stating that we get bonuses. That is crap!

I know this much about DCFS. They won''t protect your child unless you have 100% physical evidence of child abuse. Daughter’s stepmother was making her cocktails at age 12 and because stepmom denied it, it never happened. Case worker said there was nothing she could do.

I’ve seen social workers actively commit fraud or help commit fraud because the recipient is too lazy to work

you would be surprised at how many kids make false claims we still have to follow up of course.

the hospital we hold records from parents when DCFS is involved in an abuse situation as long as possible so DCFS can build a case

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