TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that cuts people in your family

my oldest sister cuts everyone down, even when you’re trying to be supportive of her she is just so vile she attacks you.

My mother. Nothing we do is ever good enough. She will blowup over the stupidest and/or tiniest things. We are all worthless, stupid, can t do anything right. Etc.

my sister cuts everyone down. No one is as smart as her or has any skills. And this is a girl that thinks it takes a college degree to work in a call center.

my sister. She will use whatever your greatest weakness is just for her own amusement. She will do it to everyone in the family. But never to her friends

my cousin always introduces me as the one who works at Burger King to be cool... I m under 20 working a firm making over 60k

My wife does this. No matter who she's talking to she always makes me look bad. She can't have anything be her fault.

My sister-in-law falls under this category she has a master's degree and thinks if you do not go to college you're worthless

have a brother that went from cute funny kid to big d! When your around him it’s going after anything that comes to him. You’ve put on weight, I need a nose job he can’t look at me. Just when you think it can’t get worse he started treating kids like that. Today I only see him at funerals

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