TEXT TOPIC: Who overstays their welcome?

my sister in law... my husband always invites her over and she stays until after midnight. Every. Time!!! So annoying.

My brother and his family does this for every family gathering. He has 6 kids and they always stay as late as possible. Plus they ignore their kids

my husband is notorious for overstaying his welcome. I have to push him out the door most of the time. He loves to chit chat. he can''t pick up on the cues.

get up around 430 so my cutoff on work nights is 8 & that is pushing it

my husband! I can t never get him to leave someone s house or a party. We are always the last people to leave anything

used to be the one who over staying at family events. Usually last to leave. Then I had a kid and now I am the first out usually.

my mother in law. She will stay until freaking 10-11:30 at night no matter what day it is... gggrrrrrr

my best friend & I would always lose track of time when I came over So depending on the night his wife would come out and give me a curfew, was totally fair

friends are night owls. My boyfriend literally went to bed and I was dozing off on the couch and they started another movie

used to overstay my welcome constantly. I didn't mean to, I just didn't wanna go home. Now I live alone and love going home.

My sister in laws bestie. Her and her husband ALWAYS overstay. My husband usually goes to bed, and leaves me sitting there waiting for them to leave.

my friend does this all the time! I hint it's getting late I need to go to bed, & Half the time she just invites herself to spend the night!

My brother has a friend that lives in the same neighborhood he will come over and start drinking and my brother and my sister-in-law will just go to bed so he will leave. Hahaha

My dad!! He just never stops talking. He always has something to say

When it's time to go-my mom just says "Okay, it's time for you all to go" It's hilarious! Me &siblings are in 30's & there's 5 grandkids

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