TEXT TOPIC: Which one of your friends brings the dude on girls night out?

my sisters ex husband showed up at her bachelor party and baby shower. He was an awful man

my friend brought her new hubby to my baby shower. He was the only guy there and obvs uncomfortable but she didn’t seem to notice or care. Weird.

ex was extremely insecure, didn t believe my girls night story. Tracked me w/ iPhone app, he walked into a room of girls watching a Disney movie

One of my friends would always BRING her husband to girls night. It was awful, he sucked. This was a "man" who always cheated on her and she still thought he was everything. Gross! After a decade of friendship we just stopped including her.

friends man showed up at a bachelorette party, he flew from another state to surprise her

my big burly boyfriend comes with me to almost all of our girls outings, but my friends don’t care bc they love him more than they love me. He worked at our work, which is all girls, so he''s great with everyone

hosted a girls night, we were watching chick flicks, painting our nails and putting on face masks. Last minute my friend asked if she could bring her b/f

GNO. He is a fireman. Had someone take his shift so he could come

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