TEXT TOPIC: Did you make a big purchase without talking to your spouse?

My ex-husband came home one day and told me he bought the house next-door & What?????

I make the big purchase w/o telling hubby. I never tell him how much I really pay for my daughter’s comp cheer...it’s a ALLOT! He wouldn’t let her do it if he knew.

My grandpa went and had a facelift without telling my grandma. Called her from the hospital for a ride. Yikes!

came home with a Cadillac this summer, the couch and I got real acquainted lmao

my step dad is a prime example of this. He bought a house without talking to my mom and moved all of us. He later accepted a job in Texas without talking to my mom and moved everyone again.

my hubby bought a 4K 72" tv while I was in the hospital after having our baby

I bought a brand new Ducati and now I sleep on the couch my wife was not happy so now I have to buy her something of equal value

my brother in law needed new tires on his truck, his wife thought he went to get tires and he came home with a new truck.

ex hubby bought an 1800 gun just because when he was working part time for $8 hr

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