TEXT TOPIC: Did you get rid of your ex's stuff?

ex gf. Burned everything! The stuff she bought me, shirts, teddy bear and big blanket we got. Sold her long board and jewelry.

had a boyfriend on a LDS mission and when I told him I just wanted to date around while he was gone I got a package from him all of our letters anything I’ve ever made him and he told me he regretted our relationship so when I got into a serious relationship me and this new boyfriend had a nice fire with all the stuff he sent back to me, his BYU shirts and jackets were included in that fire

two-week separation from my ex-hubby I'd only taken a week's worth of clothes when I left, he broke burned or threw everything else of mine away

I was 17 dating a Marine. Found out he was cheating. Sold his 1968 SS Camaro. Bye sucka!!!

She joined the army and cheated. Wanted her stuff back. Burned her awards, photos documents, etc. Mailed her a box of ashes postage due. I'm like that

An ex-boyfriend of mine who lives in a different city and he left his custom snowboard at my place I told him for weeks and weeks to come get it or to have one of his buddies can pick it up. Possession is 9/10 of the law so I sold it and kept the money his loss

brand new Mac book pro. Lit it on fire. Don t mess with a woman scorn lol.

Rich boyfriend cheated on me. I donated all his expensive ass sweaters to DI :)

Dear johned on my mission. She kept my pen drive with all my mission stuff that was on it. I trusted her. Big mistake

gave my ex's stuff to the DI I knew he shopped at. And told him where it was

my brother's ex got rid of 1 of each of his shoes when they broke up-the only full pair he had was what he'd been wearing that day.

my ex husband only gave few things back.. then donated my stuff=H lost my wedding dress, leather jacket and other

senior of high school; they gave us jerseys with our last name framed. GF mad one day broke the frame and burned two jerseys

timehop reminded me that it was 6 years ago to the day I when I separated from my ex-hubby and he destroyed my stuff. Appropriate topic for today

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