TEXT TOPIC: What is your warning label?


warning: blunt bipolar bitch

Warning Label: I'm not creepy, I'm just Shy!

Thoughtful caring and a hopeless romantic. Very outgoing and loves to try new things and travel is a must. Can be high maintenance and controlling at times but very organized

WARNING LABEL-may cry at any time due to my heart being stuck on my sleeve, I am blunt but don t intend to hurt feelings unless warranted, and I see who you really are so stop the BS!

warning label: type A control freak.

WARNING For my brother would be I don't know when to shut up! Ahaha

warning: emotions overload

too energetic for people to handle sometimes

my warning label would say, Socially awkward

My Warning label: CAUTION! Offends others regularly

WARNING no filter may tell you how it is

caution do not ask the question unless you want the truth.

Warning: if cranky please feed me pizza



warning Overly Sarcastic

emotional when tired.

warning I charge by the pound

Warning: Unorganized Perfectionist

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