TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good! October 23, 2017

just got myself AirPods so I am able to listen to the whole show!!

start my new job today!!

After a miscarriage in April we are happily in our second trimester with a healthy little baby

My 5 year old son, my parents and one of nieces were involved in a rollover crash. But none of them were injured. No scratches or anything. #somethinggood

my husband is moving to day shift after 10 years of nights at the prison

My 3 month old nephew went through surgery for a hernia. Came through with flying colors!

One if my good friends got to spend 6 hours with Taylor Swift last night in her LA home for a Secret Session! A dream come true for her!

After 14 years of being a single mom, I am finally getting married in 25 days. I must add this thing called Love is Amazing

Last week of a 6 week weight loss challenge. Down 17 pounds. Just 3 more to go!!

I will be 23 weeks pregnant with our first baby. We spent a lot of our weekend painting the nursery :)

I'm taking my daughter to NYC Wednesday for her first time as a reward for losing weight at work.

found out my first grandbaby is a girl!

My brother broke up with his HORRIBLE girlfriend!!!!! Yaaassssss

my boyfriend decided to get sober!! He’s on a path that ROCKS!

my sister is coming into town with her family on Friday!! It will be the first time our entire family has been together in a year and a half.


after months of fighting graves disease my thyroid levels are finally starting to stabilize.

My daughter just turned 1

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