TEXT TOPIC: Did you get into a fight in public with your spouse and leave?

Xmas shopping yrs ago with bf, ran into some friends. They invited us to dinner. He threw a tantrum, I got up & walked out. Never spoke again.

my husband and I were at a Halloween party. He was trying to be the funny/cool guy but at my expense. He started telling mean jokes so I left him there.

Hubs & I got into a fight @ a bar. Said he was going 2 the bathroom but snuck out instead. He didn’t t realize that I was watching him walk out on the bar mirror.

I was on a double date, the other couple started arguing. Started out as nitpicking, we tried to ignore it, then personal issues came up. Long story short, we left, and left them with the bill. Least they could do to make it up.

Got in a fight with my ex-husband at a bar in Lehi. He just showed up, knowing it was girls night. Threw my wedding ring at him and he stormed off and left. Found the ring on the floor and used it later to help pay for the divorce.

we had major fight on our honeymoon, on a cruise, I spent the night in our room and he was who knows where.

@ sports bar w/ ex He wanted me 2 vaca w/ him but I couldn’t afford it & he said I could. Once I realized Every1 around got quiet, I left him there

my husband has the WORST habit of ordering food for me and usually its two things he wants. It causes many fights and makes me storm out.

was in middle of crowded movie theater lobby, my X was throwing a hissy fit, don''t remember why, but something silly, I''m sure, he was yelling me and started to walk out in parking lot, I followed him out, after trying to get him to come back in, I turned to go back to get refund on movie tickets, he freaked saying I was walking away, in mean time, people that were watching our argument were telling me to run, go-leave him! Yes, poor guy was a little over emotional

the fight was over the answer to a music trivia question. After he walked out I finished my drink, went home 1 hour later and didn’t speak to him for 3 Days

fought with my ex at a party. He refused to let me drive home without his open beer so I left him. He walked from Copper Hills High to Cottonwood

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