TEXT TOPIC: App you want to delete from your spouses phone?

SNAPCHAT!! Because lets be honest, you really never know what they re doing on there. Not good for relationships in my opinion.

my husband said he would delete my Facebook app first, then the Kindle app. I would delete his Final Fantasy game app. :)

candy crush! I didn’t even know that game was still a thing until a few weeks ago. I m not even there when he s playing it. Every spare minute he has

I would love to get rid of twitter on my husbands phone. He is always on that damn app

all social media she is constantly face in phone and doesn’t give me any attention even when watching movies

I want to delete her FACEBOOK!! 4 out of 5 convos she distracted by it. WTF

Clash of clans. Need I say more?

Snapchat because he uses it to hide who he talks to

I want to delete Pinterest from my husbands phone. Constantly looking at guns, motorcycles, and hot rods. Give me back my hubby!

Facebook. Tired of being ignored. He Has major fomo

Facebook. My wife had an affair two months ago with a woman and wants to still be friends with her. Disgusted

I would delete tinder off my husband’s phone...I hate what he looks at.

I want to delete reddit from my husbands phone! Even though he gets the most random, entertaining facts from it takes up way too much of his time!

YouTube! Hubby gets lost in that damn thing and doesn't pay attn to the real life family all around him

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