TEXT TOPIC: What are you SUPER EXCITED about right now?

I'm going to Fiji next week I'll be gone for 2 weeks super excited

I’ve been at my current job for 5 1/2 years, I start a new job on Monday. Excited

I'm excited to tell my family I'm pregnant

Super MARIO Odyssey comes out in a week from tomorrow!!!

excited for my date tonight!

excited gonna partner up with a former boss and start a business

IM so excited I'm retiring in 12 days!!!!!!! 20 years working for the same company

Pink tour tix bought, her new album released and...I start a new job

I'm excited to have 4 days with my wife. Our kids our camping with their grandparents. #silence #nakedtime

After 4+ years of infertility we are 18 weeks along with a little girl!!!

Just booked a week long vacation to Key West with my wife. Pretty excited! No kids, lots of white sand. :)

Excited about my job promotion with health insurance and amazing salary!

selling our house and building our dream home

celebrating 5 years with the hubby!!! On our way to breakfast!

My whole family is about to be Prescott AZ FOR my sister''s wedding.. Poor small town doesn''t know what it''s in for.. Draayers... MOUNT UP... 10 brosand sisters.. it''s on..

husband just got an 8 dollar raise. So happy, we've been struggling financially last couple months.

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