TEXT TOPIC: #Metoo - Were you sexually assaulted or harassed?

Man followed me home from a girls night out and forced his way into my home and raped me. Never reported out of fear

Assaulted 3 separate times by strangers in public. Once by an acquaintance. Once by someone I trusted. Harassed for the first time at the age of 7 and countless times since. Stalked once.

boss came into my office a week ago and flat out asked me to show him my tits then went on to tell me I could send him a pic if that was easier because he s wanted to see them since my first interview. Still haven’t told anyone at work. I’m afraid of the drama that will come with it

I had a friend get touched by our boss at work! I was starting out and I reported it; boss got fired had to pay money! My friend became the head hancho

as a teen I worked in fast food. A manager held my arms back and told another mngr to do whatever they wanted. I am 31 and it still haunts me.

#metoo my male coworker propositioned me to have a three some with my husband.

a guy I thought was my friend pushed me to the ground & got on top of me & started kissing me. I told him to stop, I pushed him, I kept saying things to get him to stop. Started crying & he finally stopped

I m 38yo female. I was abused by 2 family members ages ?-11.Really hit me what happens and how it affected me about 2 years ago. I suffer from ptsd now. Affects my marriage/sex

#metoo when I was 15 I was at a 4th of July fireworks display at the beach in Cali I was wrapped in a towel cause I was cold, a marine walked by, looked down my towel to try and see something

approached in parking lot by man, turned him down. Then stalked me for months. Found where I worked, I switched locations, he found me there too

at my previous job boss told me my tongue needed to be in his mouth tomorrow or I'd be fired

my brother sexual molested me when I was 10 he was 16, I has never apologized I don't talk to him and never will. He doesn't think he did anything wrong.

#metoo I haven''t posted this. Too hard to say it. Started at 9.Raped and daily abuse until 16 when I was abandoned for telling/asking for help. =% Thriving today by choice. "Make it a great day".

I'm a tall woman. Been sexually harrassed since puberty 25yrs ago. Keep myself HEAVY now that I am a mom to avoid harassment. #metoo

sexually assaulted by cousin when 7. I told my mom, she didn't tell anyone until my other cousins told their parents (3 yrs later)

my step grandpa sexually abused me for years when I was little I recently told my family and my grandma chose to stay with him

19 yrs old. He took my Virginity after several no s and knowing him for less than 12 hours. Years later I found out he did the same thing to my friend.

my friend her first date was raped when she was 16 and she kept the baby

My mom was abused by her doctor that she worked for for a few years, he gave her drugs like Bill Cosby and continue to rape her. This was like 35years ago if he wasn''t dead....I would have turned his ass in!

My wife recently confided in me that before we met she was raped And it broke my heart to hear that that could happen to such a sweet woman I love

I was raped when I was 14 yrs old. Told the police but not sure if anything ever happened to him. Maybe I just blocked it out.

I was raped in high school. Not a lot of people know. I m afraid to post me too in fear of my in-laws seeing it and looking down on me.

had gone on few dates with a guy. We were at his place (3x) I told him no. He ripped my pants off. I had no where to go. Weeks later he apologized. Inever told anyone

When I was 15 I was raped by a 21 year old. I was afraid to tell my mom because I thought I would get in trouble and blamed for it.

assaulted by a longtime friend when I was over at his house. Every time I said no he responded with a yes. I managed to get away and never told anyone. Hes now married with 2 kids

#metoo Guy broke into my apartment and raped me. Got away Scott free because we had apparently met before.

assaulted at age 15 by neighborhood boy. I'm 38 still dealing

I was raped by my brothers friend when I was 15 years old. Its been 12 years and I still have reoccurring nightmares. Unfortunately that s just one experience of many. #MeToo

metoo... My significant others family member. I still have to see them all the time. And a neighbor

 at 12 used to wake up to my bro in law in my room. A couple times I woke up with no shirt. He would tickle me and touch my chest.

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