TEXT TOPIC: Have you been MOM-Shamed?

I was mom shamed for having to take my daughters juice box, and drink it. I’m type one diabetic and was going low

got mom shamed when I shot my kid with a blow gun peg

my friend is a mom of 3 w/ her boyfriend she is always mom shamed bcuz they aren’t married and she is now prego with her 4th she is only 26 yrs old.

I also get Mom shamed for working. My friends always have playdates and still invite me knowing i have to work and will make comments that my son is missing out.

was told by a friend that my baby had so many ear infections because I bottle fed. My body produced no milk.

2 kids by 17, mom shamed even now, but both are grown one is in the Navy stationed in Japan, one is starting nursing school

many didn t like that I didn t breast feed my girls. They said bottles make kids dumber. Ummm Barbara Walters. Bottle fed!

shamed all the time for looking young and we get the babies having babies comments

got mom shamed when I was a stay at home mom for not working then now that I do work I get shamed for not being home all the time

My mom tells my I m a failure for not homeschooling. She did not homeschool me or my siblings. #backoff

I get Mom shamed a lot. I have taught my daughter that bodily functions such as farting and belching are funny and most don''t like hers and my response when they accidentally let one rip. But their reaction is even better.

I work FULL time! My kids go to daycare. Kids are adopted, you know because we didn't try hard enough for our *own* kids (their words not mine, so RUDE!).

Mom shamed by inlaws for letting my baby use a pacifier.Sis inlaw now gives her baby one all the time!!!

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