TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that owes you money?

My mom borrowed $1500 from me when I was 18 to pay medical bills. 11 years later, it's safe to say I'm not getting it back

I have 2 separate brothers in law from my wife's family. One owes me $500, the other 1200. I'll never see a dime

I owe mom in law cuz she buys things for my kids on her own then says I owe her so I’ve let it rack up to over 800

my hubby lent a very unreliable family member $250 without consulting with me! So pissed!

$650.00 My sister text me 3 a.m. while I am on vacation in Japan for money.

mother in law owes 300 cause she offered to pay for something at our wedding and stiffed us with the bill.

Sis-IL owes EVERYONE! Over $1000 just to father-IL for a Europe trip. Says she can't pay back, then drops $$$ on big music festival tix

My niece she owe my mom my brother my sister $1500 because she needed it for an apartment that she never got

I owe my dad almost a thousand for rent. I was broke when I got divorced and needed money for a deposit.

I owe my mom $14k since she used her inheritance to pay off my credit card bills. Don't ever get a credit card!

I owe my dad almost $30k for bailing me out of a financial jam after I overextended myself on some real estate investments several years ago. Gonna take a long time to pay it back!

owe my parents 50K for divorce and 4 year custody battle fees

let my brother in law move in with me before I introduced him to my sister. He lost his job two weeks in to living with me, left me 5k in the hole. I should have protested at the wedding.

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