TEXT TOPIC: Did your mom or dad leave you? Did you leave your kid somewhere

at 10 my mom left me at a grocery store. I walked home in West valley, at night, with a balloon in my hand. She sucks.

at Lake Powell campground, came out of the bathroom to see my whole family driving away. Did they turn around to get me NOPE

she left me at a restaurant

Left a kid at lagoon we had 3 different cars realized with in 5 minutes of leaving but because of traffic it took us 25 minutes to get back

My sister got left at the temple in Salt Lake on my wedding day. She told our dad, I’m going to the bathroom, wait for me. She came out, we were all gone. No one realized until we got back to Ogden for the luncheon. This nice old couple gave her a ride home. Now that’s all anyone remembers of our wedding. Remember when Misty got left at the temple? Thanks Sis!

I was left in Disneyland while our group was on a ride. Couldnt find anyone so kept going on rides until they found me at almost closing time

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