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Stay at home mom

Stay at home mom; no cleaning gets done and no clothes get put on until about an hour before people start coming home from school/work

While it's rewarding and I'm grateful for the opportunity, it's also very lonely and not appreciated like it should be. It's hard.

My husband is a stay at home dad laziest dad ever sleeps all day an plays games all night..doesnt want to even do the laundry or clean up after himself.

I spend most my day watchin Sesame Street, & readin 2 my babies. I only spent bout 1hr right b4 my hubby gets home cleaning, I work best under pressure.

Im busy everyday. How would I get half of this stuff done if I had a job! 3 kids; Drs appt, cleaning, cooking, homeschool one, home business

I hear all the time it must be nice to stay home all day! Don t get me wrong, it is but it can be very lonely and alienating.

I grab 20-50 bucks in gift cards or cashback at the store every time so i can go blow it at target on nothing

I still nap when my baby does. She's 16 months. Then i clean something obvious before dinner

I hide treats from kids and keep them for me! Momma works hard! Lol!!!

my mom had 6 kids and stayed at home. We''re now all adults and she admitted to us that she was constantly buzzed. She''d hide mini bottles around the house. Lol

I never feel accomplished. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. it's never done! It's a viscous cycle of never feeling like I have completed a task.

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